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Wyoming Fly Fishing Guide Service

Casper, WY, USA

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Wyoming Fly Fishing Guide Service

7400 State Hwy 220
Casper, WY, USA 82604




Fly fishing


We were the first outfitter to start targeting the big trout that have made these waters famous.

Today, we are the largest and most experienced guide service on the Gray Reef, Miracle Mile, & Fremont Sections of the North Platte River. Our Guides have also pioneered guiding the “uncrowded bighorn”. This is the Wyoming side of the Bighorn River, and is the only other tailwater in the country we consider to be in the same class as the North Platte.

Through Wyoming Fly Fishing’s special use permits across the state our clients enjoy 34 private and public boat ramps. These permits give our guides access to over 200 miles of float-able water and 40 miles of wade access waters, allowing for a multitude of guided fishing options. The oldest service and most experienced guide staff combined with some of the biggest wild trout in the country can only produce the trip of a lifetime.

What people are saying about Wyoming Fly Fishing Guide Service

This is a first class guide service. I’ve floated with guide services for trout throughout the western US including SW Montana, the Green, the Lower Sac and the Henry’s Fork. Wyoming Fly Fishing Guide Service compares favorably with the best guide services out there. Personally, I’ve floated with Kray, Greg, Cass, and Grant at WFFGS and can attest these guides are among the best on any trout river. They know the river and they work hard to get their sports into the fish. I usually float with a beginning fly angler and the guides here are patient and good about teaching newbies how to cast, mend, and hook fish. I’m confident that all the guides used by WFFGS are familiar with the N. Platte below Gray Reef and know how to get their clients hooked up with fish. Most, if not all, of the guides here have long term associations with this guide service and that speaks volumes for the quality of the fishing experience offered here. I’m not associated with this business in any way, just a long time satisfied customer

I don’t even fish but my family talked me into going on this full day guided trip. What a great surprise! Our guide, Mike was very knowledgeable and patient. Their entire staff is friendly, professional and committed to a great experience. I had so much fun I can’t wait to come back and try it again.

We booked a last minute trip with customers and had 4 people on the full day trip. We had Chad & Greg as guides. We floated the Platte.

I fished with Chad and I have to say he was one of the easiest going and funny guys I've ever met. Was super knowledgeable about what to do and where to do it. He called at least 10 fish, throw it in that spot there should be one, sure enough.... it was insane.

We got lines snagged and crossed and knotted. He was chill through it all! Never ever got onto us about anything.

We caught 30+ fish between the other guy in my boat and me. We missed even more.

Chad makes being a fly fishing guide look like cake. He maneuvers that boat like a champ and is always putting you in a good spot and didn't stop coaching our technique the whole day which was awesome.

Greg was great too I heard. He had a more "teaching" style and maybe wasn't quite as laid back as Chad but Greg is older and fished this river longer.

They provided lunch halfway through. Awesome sandwiches, chips, homemade cookies and a side. Nice touch.

All in all I highly recommend this outfit. I asked Chad if he'd ever been out and gotten skunked and he said no! So that has to tell you something!

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