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Fly Fishing Consultant LLC

Fairfax, VA, USA

Fresh WaterFly Fishing

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Fly Fishing Consultant LLC

9214 Kristin Ln
Fairfax, VA, USA 22032


Hickory Shad, American Shad, Largemouth Bass, Striped bass, Trout






Rob is your hands-on fishing coach, specializing in urban and suburban fly fishing for warm water species within the Potomac River watershed. Fly Fishing Consultant (FFC) caters to anglers of all skill levels and abilities. More than just a guide!

What people are saying about Fly Fishing Consultant LLC

Had a fantastic time during this years Shad run he is an excellent coach and helped me progress into different types of cast to adapt to the surroundings. I learned alot about the environment, special DC regulations, types of flys to use and the techniques to retrieve them, and ways to play the fish and safely rrlease them. Rob is a great guy and I had fun catching lots of fish.

My husband and I bought a Groupon for a 2 hour flyfishing lesson -- it was AWESOME!! I always thought that flyfishing was complicated, but Rob made it super easy and we had so much fun that morning. He gave us a lesson and let us get to work fishing. He helped us troubleshoot and untangled all our lines.

By the end of the 2 hours, we had caught 5 fish!! We also saw many snakeheads, which was scary but cool. Rob also gave us tips on the best places in the DC area to flyfish and told us about the local meetup group.

Rob, thank you for such a memorable morning. And the weather could not have been nicer!

I'm very hard to please but Rob and his biology and fly fishing knowledge was amazing! I bought this as a gift for the bf b/c we're from the inner city ny/nj and he's been talking about fishing forever since we've moved down to the DC area. We started off bright and early (9am) at Holmes Run (VA), he gave us a run down of what to expect and how to hold the poles then we were on our way! We went to 4 spots and along each trail he would point out some funky looking foliage and nasty bugs. He also attempted to explain about how important baits were, how we needed to pay attention to our surround, high tide/low tide etc.. wayyy to much info for the morning so probably only 25% of the info stuck but well worth it. With my lack of skills in casting correctly and making the same mistakes over and over again (put pole down, too much wrists, etc..) Rob never got discouraged! Even when I lost a few of his flies ;-).. a true teacher. We caught a few small rainbow fish at our 3rd stop so I was happy and done for the day and our 2 hrs were already up. But rob being the cool dude he was, took us to another spot in hopes that we could catch some trout, and my bf did!! It was the highlight of the day! Not only did he go out of his way and stayed a little longer to get us to go after the "big one" but he was very professional and knowledgeable about everything. We obviously enjoyed ourselves enough to purchase our own fly fishing poles right after the lesson and came back to the spot the 2nd day! Now, I just wished I paid more attention to the bait lesson!

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